Teenagers Boldness Rings

A very Special Ring Band with a beautiful Boldness Design Circle Rope for Teen Boys, and Heart Rope for Teen Girls, this is more than a "purity ring" It is a design to ALWAYS REMEMBER  that we as parents can encourage our children that they CAN ASK for anything at ALL TIMES concerning the emotions, specially those times when they dare not to understand life. And to let them know that when we  fail to lead their way every moment and day there is always some one that can, That someone will always make them feel safe, and ask for help alone the way. And to make the real experience a LASTING, SPECIAL  and a UNFORGETTABLE one, Our unique Teenager design is hand crafted in different, strong, fun, colorful, and exotic materials. Keep Loving Each Moment with them in this crucial and onetime life of your Daughter or Son. Let's not forget communication  with LOVE is the only chance.