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Who are you going to represent?”


Before I start my testimony, I am announcing good news! We are currently working in the legal process of transforming Commitment. We are working on finding a new name for this beautiful design that I strongly believe God has given to me for YOU.

If you are a teenager, a single adult, or soon-to-engaged for marriage then this is for YOU. More updates in regard to this subject will be coming soon! For now, keep this project in your hearts and prayers as I continue with my testimony.


Since 2018 this idea has been in my head. In 2019 my Father confirmed this idea through a vision. He initiated this special design and little by little I have been walking forward by faith; it takes time and money to make it this far.

So far, He only showed me one part of my specific purpose through another vision; this vision was very short but a very important conversation to have with Him. It is so wonderful to be with him in that way; in His presence, there is no room for doubt. In my conversation, I asked Him a question. It is okay to question God; you can go to Him with anything! How was I going to “crunch the numbers” for this? *(I was not made for math)* But the Father always provides! He clearly mentioned my friend, Imelda, who loves math and is very organized.

Then God asked me something which made me think and automatically brought me back to the time where I started my walk with him. His question touched my soul and my passion to live for Him. He was very loving and patient, not with a demanding attitude, which is very important to me. It revealed I was not doing anything wrong all those past years, yay!* I was so happy about that, nevertheless, he has now brought me to a fine line where I must now make a very important and necessary decision. Like always, He g ave me the choice of whether to take the step or not. That is how the Father is. He knew my one and only desire from back in 2000 when I started walking beside Him; He knew me even before. When I started my walk according to His word He was, and is, very close to me and constantly leads me.* Representing Him is my only passion every day, all day for all of my existence. He knows this is the one desire of my heart. His question to me was: “ Who are you going to represent?” With this, the vision was over.

I am very grateful that I came into contact with the Mennonite church that I was a member of for almost 8 years. There were two good reasons why I chose the Mennonite church; one was I needed help spiritually. This was something I knew I could get from them. As well, their guidance helped me to avoid bad habits. Their way of dress intrigued me; I loved it! This subject alone deserves a book. Adding a little tip-- the church was a great tool to find protection from the corrupt voices around me. I did not consider these voices necessary to live with; they were really torturing me. The Mennonites had a very well-fit style of life for me in those days. I found comfort, peace, and an opportunity in the church to develop from a baby Christian to an adult Christian!

“For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven..” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Thanks to my father who has always been faithful in my walk with Him-- I am by no means perfect but He has set me straight again and again. Thank you to my congregation, CT, “Comunidad Transformadora”, whom I call my family, and the good teaching of Pastor Alex G. Because of his teachings I have been led to ask the Father about my very personal question. My heart, like so many others, asked the question-- “ what is my specific purpose ?” Without Pastor Alex G’s teaching, I would never have asked this question by myself, although the whole time I knew there was something missing. I was just simple me-- how could I have a specific purpose? And my second question was--who am I?

Now that my Father has revealed what part of my purpose is-- the reason why I am on this Earth-- I stopped desiring death when I came upon hard moments in my life, and although this deserves a book too, we will continue. It is time to reveal the whole truth about myself-- to REPRESENT HIM, and ONLY HIM. This pearl popped out of her shell! It is time for me to shine God’s radiant glory in all I do.

I am ready to serve--

Ana Monterroso


With a purpose


With a specific purpose