Singles - Never alone

Single Adult Never Alone

To feel alone is just that — a feeling — because the truth is that we are never alone. God is always right here with us, ready to hear what we have to say or ask. Too often we just live in our own worlds, and we forget that His promise is simple:  “I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). This promise is not difficult for God to make to us because He is the keeper of promises and our constant companion. The question is, how difficult is it for us to ACCEPT this promise? Are we interested in being, and staying, in a relationship with Him?

From the time you turn 18 until the day you’re married, you are technically considered to be a “single adult.” I personally remember those days:  being free to choose where you will go and when, deciding only for yourself with whom to live and share your days, being free to set your own goals for a better future. In my case, as a single adult, my entire focus was on my work because I also had to provide for my son as a single mother. I was consumed with thinking of his future, not just my own. It was challenging, but it was an enjoyable experience. It was not always that way.

My Testimony

Freeing oneself from those big, thick, rusty chains of ADDICTION is no easy task. Perhaps you know by now through my testimony on the ring design for teens that I was only fourteen years old when I became pregnant with my only son. I was only a little girl and ignorant of the situation I was putting myself into. I was ignorant of the very rough road that I was travelling on because the “fun times” I was having deceptively hid the reality of the trouble I was getting myself into.

My story is not so different from others you may have heard. There was a time in my life when I was weighed down by the heavy, rusty chains of addiction. Unlike others you may know, my addiction was not to a substance such as drugs or alcohol; my addiction was to sexual activity, or promiscuity. But similar to any other addiction, mine was almost surely not going to have any positive outcome or reward. Instead, it would only resulted in a deepening despair for the present, and a long, sorrowful future of wasting money, energy, and time while also watching my loved ones suffer even more than they already had because of my poor choices. I was unable to see the pain that I caused them. As with so many who battle different types of addiction, I was desperately trying to find anything that would fill the empty void that filled the core of my existence.

But God, in his loving grace, allowed me to see through the eyes of my son the future that God wanted me to build for the two of us. This heavenly revelation made me realize that it was not good for my son to grow up in an environment that was so unstable, so sad, and so lonely for the both of us. In the midst of this uncontrollable situation, I had to ask myself, what kind of role model would my son look up to? How could I begin to make him proud of me instead of ashamed of the choices I was making? God forced me to focus my thinking on this little person that was depending on me to set a good example. I had to realize that this little boy was going to copy and follow every step I made in the life I was living right in front of him — regardless of the words I might say. I became painfully aware of the truth of the expression “actions speak louder than words.” If my son continued to see me going out with one man after another, his opinion of me would be shaped in a negative light forever. With God’s help, I realized that I could not bear the idea of showing my son that his own mother was living such an unstable lifestyle. I now realize that even then, God had been aware of my actions and began to nudge my spirit to make me aware of the direction my life (and ultimately my son’s life) was taking. I did not like this direction at all!

If you are on the same rough road of addiction like I was, or if you find yourself in any other difficult circumstance in life, let me offer you the reassurance that you, like me, can get out of this situation with the eternal and grace-filled help of the SAVIOR — JESUS CHRIST. My testimony and other very extraordinary testimonies will tell you the same story:  Jesus is the truth, the life, and the way, and He will provide a path out of any addiction, trials, or difficulties you may face in life. Whatever may be keeping you away from the fullness of life that God the Father desires for you to have, Jesus the Son can point you in the direction of not just happiness, but also a life full of abundant joy for you and everyone around you. Addiction is defined as “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” In my case, it was an activity, but it was still something I could not let go of in my own strength. But with the unshakeable strength of God the Father, I stand here to tell you that it is possible for you to let go of any addiction, any trouble, or any difficulty. It takes a Higher Power for us to gain this strength, and Higher Power is found in the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, who is right here with us. All we have to do is come to Him with broken and contrite hearts, so that God the Father can heal us (Psalm 51:17). No matter what situation you may find yourself in,  you need only ASK HIM to help you. He is more than willing to break those heavy and rusty chains that have held you captive. There is no situation too difficult for Him. What a wonderful blessing!

The Design of the Ring:  Never Alone

The subject of addiction was a topic that God specifically told me to use in connection with the design of this ring, because He wants to remind us that WE ARE NEVER ALONE — even in our trials and challenges. Right at this moment, He is here with you. If you ever need someone to talk to, He is right here. He knows your heart, your thoughts, and your emotions. You can count on His help whenever you want it.

John 8:36 tells us that if the Son (Jesus) sets us free, we will be free indeed. Asking Jesus to forgive you of your past and inviting him to live in your heart is the only way to truly know freedom and experience a life without bondage. Making this decision will not only give you everything you need to live a victorious, joyful life, it can also give you the hope you need to not experience dark thoughts of death whenever you go through trials and difficult times in your life. I know that He did that for me. Pay attention to what He is speaking to you. It will help you spend the rest of your days rejoicing. Being selfless and doing things for others with no expectation of anything in return — like I am doing for my son — is how God wants all of us to live our lives.

It is an honor and a blessing to share the testimony of my past in order to shed light on the real truth about living only for current pleasure, and how the strongholds of addiction can grab hold of you and hurt you and everything around you. We must all recognize the one who can truly set us free from all of this. He has already paid the debt for our mistakes, and all we have to do to receive His gift of salvation and redemption is to come to Him with a sincere heart and a willingness to submit to His will for our lives. His offer is waiting right here, right now.

Following His leading,
Designer Ana Monterroso